Aerial drone video of a new bridge

Aerial drone video in Sheffield

This is an aerial video I’ve done with one of my drones of two bridges being placed over a river in Deepcar, North Sheffield for ESH Construction in preparation for a new housing estate beingĀ  built on the site.

Aerial Photography & Aerial Video

Aerial photography and aerial video are fast becoming the dominant part of my business although I still do a lot of ground photography / video for clients.

This can be anything from product shoots to headshots, construction and a whole host of other interesting topics. This is what makes my job so diverse and interesting. I’m very rarely doing the same thing two days running.

I took a lot of aerial photographs while I was in the air and there is a gallery of those below. My drones are so good that I can flip from stills to video on the fly and change camera settings as I go along without the need to land and do it.

To see the photos full screen

Simply click any image to enlarge it then use the side arrows on the keyboard or the mouse for the screen arrows to move through the gallery

Do you need aerial photography or aerial video for your business?

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