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Aerial Photography and Videography adds a totally new dimension to the way people view your work and the images on your website.

I fly 2 drones which have different characteristics but both shoot 4k video and high resolution stills, the quality of the images and video we get is second to none.

Before you book an aerial photographer to do work for you or your company it is very important that you ask these two questions:

  • Are you approved by the CAA and have the relevant Permissions For Aerial Work (PFAW)? – Footprint Photography has all the necessary permissions from the Civil Aviation Authority to fly commercially
  • Are you insured for aerial photography? Footprint Photography has separate and full insurance to fly commercially

Drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) are classed as Aircraft by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) and the people operating them are classed as Pilots or Operators. There are many unapproved and uninsured people and companies flying Drones / UAVs commercially who are endangering the public by not being CAA approved and / or insured

To become approved is a long and expensive process which is why so many people don’t go through with it.

From start to finish it is a 6 month process with exams and flight tests to take before you get your permissions and approval for commercial aerial work. It costs several thousand pounds without even factoring in the cost of the aircraft

Our aerial photos are shot in raw for maximum quality and our video is shot in 4k

Because we use multi rotor aircraft with fully stabilised cameras and a 360 degree capability to get the photographs and footage our clients want we have the versatility to position the aircraft and photograph and video things in ways previously unachievable by conventional methods.

What the camera sees is streamed in real time to a screen which can be viewed by the pilot, cameraman or the client

Below are just a few examples of the standard and quality of our work with both aerial photography and aerial videography.

Aerial Photography – Prices

(On site attendance and post processing of photographs in our studio. Video takes longer to process so there would be an additional charge for this)

Per job – up to 2 hours on site             £275.00

Half day – up to 4 hours on site           £400.00

Full day – up to 8 hours on site            £800.00

Aerial Photography of Sheffield Recently I did a photo shoot with my drone of some of the best buildings in…

Louise Gibson Communications Officer Sheffield City Council

During my time with Nick I flew two drones of differing sizes. Nick’s attention to detail and safety was impeccable and his manner was that of a reassuring British Airways pilot!

Jim Elliott

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